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Permit Services

Are you an Owner Operator? Starting a new business? Not sure where to start?

Get everything done in one place. One call is all you need with Belonger Logistics, LLC. Located in Kaukauna, Wisconsin, Belonger Logistics, LLC is locally-owned and operated with over 20 years of
experience in licensing and permitting for owner operators and trucking companies, along with being able to apply for temporary permits. Get the help you want and need.

IRP and IFTA Filing

Get your IRP plate, either new entrant or renewal completed with Belonger Logistics, LLC. This means you will also need a new IFTA, which is just another way our business helps your business every day. Call us for all your interstate hauling, IRP and IFTA needs.

Fuel Taxes

Fuel taxes need to be filed every quarter when your IFTA account is active, let us help figure out how to make them easier.  We handle all aspects of filing fuel taxes electronically, to include, Kentucky, New Mexico, New York, and Oregon.

Additonal Services

Additional services include:

  • Licensing

  • Temporary Permits

  • Oversized/Overweight Permits

  • Log Auditing

  • Consulting

  • Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse

  • US DOT Portal


Contact to learn how we can help today.

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